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All from my heart is a compilation of random and rhymed poetries I wrote on days I went through highs and lows. All of the pieces were penned down randomly, but sincerely and genuinely came from my heart, anything that had crossed my mind during those times were written in this book. The book contains poems with different subjects and titles that will give you different emotions, and somehow realizations on both life and love. I�m encouraging everyone who�ll read this to better brace themselves, because its mood is kinda heavy and negative. However, there are parts of it that will surely touch your hearts. Most of the subjects of each poems were about life, betrayal, how it feels to be in love and how painful heartache is, certain poems were also inspired from my own life, particularly experiences during my younger years and the rest revolves at present. This serves as a voice for a poet like me, who always chooses to bleed on paper rather than showing people that my heart is bleeding. All from my heart is a product of my own tears, smiles, playful thoughts and wonderful imaginations, its objective is to take you to the lakes of pink clouds and the valley of storms. It�s a part of me that, I want to show to people by means of sharing all the lines that came, all from my heart. All the poems from this book were all from my heart, if you want to hear my heart, now is your chance.

All From My Heart

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  • Arienne Kate Ramos Gagelonia
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