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In 2020, the world groped and grappled with the global pandemic brought about by COVID-19 and in this dark and perilous time, I resigned from my job at HSBC bank and was faced with the urgent concern to reflect about the brevity of life and confront my deepest and biggest Whys?
May this book edify, build up, encourage and cheer you up in times of distress and know of an assurance that there is a God who marvels at your presence.
Many among our young people and young professionals today struggle on their first resignation, their first heartbreak, experiencing for the first time the death of a family member, waiting for that one true love and guarding the mind and body while doing so, how to be made right with God after a sexual encounter, how to start a revival of purity that lasts for generations and lastly the struggle for intact mental balance amidst the presence and reality of auditory hallucination.
From her own past struggles, Valerie Blue Dam-at Claveria shows how you can know the inner joy of trusting faithfully in God and surrendering all your earthly worries and hallucinations to the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit to heal and to protect.  She shares that we can win over lust and attractions, fear, worry and depression by focusing on lifelong principles of faith, hope and love. Trail of Blood?Memoirs, Muses and Madman is a poignant book to help you in your practical daily living.

Trail of Blood - Dust Jacket

  • Valerie Blue Dam-at Claveria
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