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Famous, rich. and glamorous. That�s Stefan Acker and Harley Kensington. More like the future Mr. and Mrs. Acker who are ready to race to the altar soon.
Before the lives of Harley, an A-list actress, and Stefan, a leading athlete, became enviable and fancy, they were lovers-turned-exes. They were young and free high school students then.
They meet again after a few years, but later on, bring a feud in the eyes of the showbiz industry. Surprisingly, the chaotic encounter caused them to flee from their own present relationships and decide to start over. It was never imagined, at all, that reconciliation was possible and love can be sweeter the second time around for both of them. It seems that the couple has everything they ever wanted at their fingertips. Who wouldn�t want life in the fast lane where everything is within reach? How about love?
There�s temptation, probable grudges, and many fears, even, from the past that might just come with the life they chose. Keeping up with everything going on in their life, Harley and Stefan do their utmost to make the most out of their second chance behind the cameras and the papers. Will life really treat Harley and Stefan well? 
When a love story seems to be controversial and everything they�ve worked for with that ever so undying promise of love to fight all odds will come crashing down once more, is there still a guarantee that love can really be sweeter the another time around?

See If I Care, Mr. Acker

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