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Crafted in a non-fiction novel type structure, this 200-page book is composed and divided in several chapters. Chapter 1 will lead you to travel back in time, from the moment since the first explosion of the Big Bang, on the explosions of light and the division of the laws of Physics, up to the decades of massive technological advancements. The chapter 2 will bring you to the tiniest individual matter in the universe, the atom. Within it, you will see several more particles that mainly contributes to the character and behavior of an electric power as viewed from a wider and general scale. The Chapter 3 is setting the electrons in motion, in which a single electric charge exist, the notions of electrical distinctions and the explanations of the other extensions of the electron?s properties. The Chapter 4, which explained the wholistic attributes of one of the by-products of electricity, light. And the chapter 5, explaining the compositions and the working principles of a number of common types of electrical components and devices.

What is Really Going on With That Electric Spark? - Dust Jacket

  • Austin John N. Arnaiz
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