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"Sexually molested and abused by her loved ones, Marianne’s escape from her so called hell is just a beginning of her travails to a lust filled life.
Now trapped in a sexually driven world, her spirit resists but her flesh insists. Lured by lust, she feels being doomed. How long will she be a slave to sexual desire? So many men, so much desire, so weak resistance. How long will she be a slave to sexual desire? Hopeless, tormented and crushed, she turns to her faith as her only  refuge. But can her faith alone suffice? Only time can tell.
Erik came into her life at the right time and place. He is her knight in shining armor. He offered her the purest of love despite her dark past. What matters most for Erik is the present, his love for her. But for Marianne, pure love is learning to let go to allow both of them the space to grow to determine if they are really meant for each other. When that love comes back, then it is called destiny.
Provocative and sensual, One Midnight Solstice brings us to moments of eroticism, realization, conviction and redemption. This is a story of love over lust; of redemption over condemnation and of forgiveness over vengeance. 
When all else fail, faith matters. Faith allows us to see the beauty of life even during its lowest and darkest moment, its fullness out of nothingness. This is the Essence of Faith.

One Midnight Solstice

  • Dante Villanueva Aguilar
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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