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Migrante is a story of Miguel,  an ESL teacher from the Philippines who tried to live and work overseas for many years. It tells the intricate journey he had from the time he boarded the plane for the first time leaving his home country until his final flight back home. Between those flights he weathered adversities of living and working abroad. He also met different characters with different stories to tell. These characters became part of his journey as he personally dealt with them individually making every episode colorful, real and heart-warming.  Miguel�s story starts with one of his flights going to the Middle East where he spent most of his overseas life. Through his eyes he is able to describe the emotions of leaving a family behind, the different faces of aspirations, dreams, and ambitions of every passengers on board, who like him, have to leave loved ones with heavy hearts.   Migrante also features peculiarities among Filipinos. How they live their lives overseas. It describes the details of their Christmases, Sunday worships, and weekend parties. Miguel is able to give justice on how they manage to keep their sanity while confronted with culture shock, homesickness, employment issues, and exploitation.

Migrante - Dust Jacket

  • Dan Pablo
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