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Dreams and aspirations, triumphs, and failures are aspects of family life that we normally encounter. The way we react and interpret those moments are greatly influenced by societal standards. But what if our family mechanics do not conform to the ?norm? of our society? What are we going to do? Where do we start? How do we face the perception of other people? How do we counter our own biases? Living with a family member with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) does not conform to the norm of society. Cultural practices and traditions do not include autism in its design. The confusion and struggles of the members of the family is greatly magnified by the environment which is supposed to shelter and support it. This book is a simple record of an autism parents? journey of discovery, struggles, and hard-earned triumphs to conquer an adversary that they cannot see but has a profound effect on the very foundation of their family. This book will give you a glimpse of the live observations and some background literature on the characteristics of a child with ASD.It will include:?Terms about ASD and their corresponding operational definitions ?Proactive and creative approaches in solving obstacles ?Practical teaching methods and behavioral modification techniques that may work for you ?Reflections on philosophical thoughts on education related to ASD ?Stories on ups and downs of taking care of a child diagnosed with ASD ?Realizations on the different approaches that were used in addressing some of the profound characteristics of a child with ASD Experts are always saying that every child with ASD has unique fixations and manifestations thus there is no ?one size fits all? approach. In line with this, this book may provide you with an idea or guide in approaching ASD. Although every child with ASD is unique, it may be inferred that they share similar characteristics but only different in degree of expression. Living with autism surely changes the mechanics of a family?s life but does not mean that it may hinder it to be a happy one.

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