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Feng Shaotian was a simple guy who desires nothing but peace. Even though his life wasn't that great after the death of his parents. The only comfort he got was the existence of his loyal dog, Ding Bang.


He tried to take his life by jumping on the highest bridge in their place but Ding Bang stopped him. As long as he tried to commit suicide, Ding Bang was always there to stop him. Out of sympathy to his dog, he decided to stop commiting suicidal acts. 


Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. He found no purpose in living, everything felt empty as if something was missing. One day, he finally decided to do something he kept on hold for months for his dog's sake. 




But it was wishful thinking, just as he laid in his bed for his last sleep. A phenomenon happens that change his life.


Something magical that only happens in novels. A transmigration to another world. But what will he do when he found out that this place is full of bloody fights? A place where the strong preys the weak.


Will the peace lover from earth be able to survive this insane place? Or die like a mob in wilderness? 

Divine Farming System Vol 1: Life in Another World

SKU: 9789357707817
  • K. C. Oiranar
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