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Vincent always knew that his extravagant but lonesome lifestyle made him different from his peers, but when two mysterious strangers show up and ambush him after his high school graduation, his life is completely turned upside down. In order to find his missing father, Vincent must travel to the hidden realm of the Arivesto Archipelago, reconnect with his ancient royal lineage, and control his newly developed supernatural abilities all while avoiding the vicious snare of the Blood Stone.


Can Vincent help these strangers, Lalaina and Hery, undo what has already been done and save himself from his Cursed Fate? In order to do so, he must seek out the help of Ahitra, Princess of the Isle of Tendrom, whose ?cultivation? power not only allows her to manipulate vegetation, but also allows her to foster ideas in others to the point where she can control their minds. Vincent also undergoes intense training from Vatosoa, Princess of the Reef of Haran, whose ?set in stone? ability allows her to control the earth around her, but also gives her visions of the future. Once she sees something occur, it becomes fixed in reality and impossible to change. However, even with their combined potential, nothing could prepare them for the enemy they are about to face.

Cursed Fate

SKU: JN16003
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  • Paperback

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