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It's lovely to be in love, especially when the person you love also loves you, but what if you are the only one who's in love and a lot of unexpected events happen?
I'm Athena Villanueva, a normal student who transferred to Perilune University. I never expected to find new friends at this school. I didn't think that someone would steal my heart from me and keep it for the rest of his life. I didn't think that there were people who were willing to accept me completely.
But every happiness is bound to have an unexpected ending, and getting close to them was my biggest mistake. I shouldn't have let them love me completely. If I had known that I would hurt them, I would have stayed away from the beginning.
Paano nga ba magpaalam sa mga taong naging buhay mo na sa maikling panahon? How can I say the word goodbye, kung pati ako ay nasasaktan?
I am Athena Villanueva, and this is my story.

CAUTION: Love Ahead!

  • Analyn G. Baldovino
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