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Fiona Miller will find the love of her life, Brandon Hamilton, on
Vanessa’s eighteenth birthday celebration. Despite their age gap,
Brandon and Fiona will develop a mutual admiration. Fiona is part
of the Miller family, known for being one of the most influential
law dynasties. And Brandon’s family is one of their clients. Fiona’s
brother, Glenn Miller, doubts Brandon’s intentions towards his sister
and will initially oppose their closeness.
Brandon and Fiona have similar interests and attitudes, making it
impossible for him to resist. Especially when Brandon stared at her
as she walked towards him wearing a see-through outfit. He swiftly
kisses her lips, and they passionately make out on the beach in the
middle of the night. Brandon’s actions will lead to regret and cause
him to keep his distance from Fiona, which triggered her panic
They will reconcile, and Brandon will promise to wait for her until
she comes of age, when they are a perfect match for each other.
Fiona will wholeheartedly cherish Brandon’s words, frequently
sending him letters.
Will Brandon fulfil his promise?
Will Fiona hold on to her affections?
Or will their hearts change as the years pass by?
Discover with me this beautiful love story that will surely capture
your heart!

Captured Heart

  • Khai Regalado
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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