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Twice a year, the Guardian Spread occurs, where humans are recruited and must travel through dreams to the world of Xatyr, bound by Guardians who protect the society. And the only way to go back is to fail the Spiritual Awakening, designed to test the soul, not the brain, where either passing or failing is not a choice.
Elisia Abel is not your ordinary person, she remembers all of her dreams, and she keeps log of those dreams through her paintings - admired by many, but understood by nobody. One day, as she turned eighteen, she woke up in a dream told real but not really, to a world they call Xatyr. Guided by Kavaa'r, her Guardian, she must decide whether she wants to stay in the surreal world and figure out why everyone else there calls her special, or go back to the human world to where her only family is - her Dad.
Will she fail the test she's bound to pass, or will she pass the test she wanted to fail?

Dreams - Dust Jacket

  • Lilah Gran
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