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?Your life was miserable, Raine. And what I?ve done is not yet enough to prove that I wanted to be part of your problem. I wanna be with you... forever. Just say something, Raine. What else could I give up for you? What else can I do to prove to you that I love you?? After Vince Santiago had done that to her, Raine Ramirez told herself not to fall in love again. He taught her not to trust boys anymore. He taught her to hate such a swindler. And no one else knew but to take the opportunity when she was weak. Not only was her heart destroyed, but her family?s reputation too.  Shawn Niccolai De Vera tried everything to mend her broken heart by giving all he could give, even protection. There was not a day that he did not fetch her from the university where she was studying to their apartment. Little did she know, Shawn had a secret motive about her. He was madly in love with her. But when Raine learned to love Shawn, she lost the young man.

When Our Paths Misaligned

SKU: APR30001
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  • Paperback

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