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Time Will Tell combines various literary styles including prose-poetry and storytelling. An action-adventure novella set in 2006, depicts diverse and colorful characters who are related in different ways and live through thrilling and extraordinary personal experiences. Poems and chapters alternate. The standout characters are Luigi, a mid-thirties gemologist with a penchant for uninvited trouble, and Nanette, a teenager who readily welcomes it. Differing concepts and measures of time add depth and texture throughout the text. Accounts of past and present historical and scientific events are revisited and serve as background motifs for the protagonists. How well can one distinguish fact from fiction? Time Will Tell challenges those still wondering. 
Elements of humor and satire are present throughout. The style is amusingly thought-provoking. Time Will Tell offers a trans-generational viewpoint of pertinent and time-honored controversial topics.

Time Will Tell - Dust Jacket

  • Julio C Arroyo
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