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Some people spent a lifetime to acquire a house they could call their own, whereas others had several grand houses they considered trophies for a fortune they built.  For Rhodesia, houses were important for the events, memories and emotions they carry and symbolize. Somehow, the houses she had been through told the story of her life, her battles and glories, the loved ones she gained and lost, the wisdom she learned, and tangible evidence of endless blessings and support of an ever beneficent Creator.
The house, after all, signifies one of the basic needs of man - shelter.  It shelters a person and those he holds close to his heart, his family and his belongings.  The house also is a fortress from the storm or scorching sun, a place where one can retreat in peace and privacy.  It is also a source of comfort, a place of warmth and communions, of laughter and relaxation. One?s own house is where he can be his most candid self, where he can cry his heart out, and express his own uniqueness, be it scandinavian or victorian, minimalistic or elaborate.  The house thus connotes security, comfort, family, and identity.
     A biography is in itself a house.  This book is the house of Rhodesia, be her guest and feel at home.

Houses - Dust Jacket

  • Rhodesia
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