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"A girl is to become a tool for a shadowy conspiracy, which will determine her fate. The year is 2030. The world is divided into supernational unions yet they don�t control all nation-states, inviting an acceptable quantity of wars for mercenaries to find. This was the result of an alien ship crashing into the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in the year 1985 with the supernational unions born
from a world war from 1989 to 1991 that saw the use of nuclear weapons. Four months after being assigned to monitor Japanese corporate heiress Maria Hoshikawa, Iron Dutchman Services is tasked to assist the Foreign Intelligence Service of the New United Nations in assisting with an operation to rescue one Maral Eminovna Guliyeva, a teenage girl forced into sexual slavery, from Mexican drug lord Segismundo Alba. In truth, the mission is an attempt by the FIS to draw out Anton Oleksandrovich Kravchenko, the sex trafficker who sold Guliyeva to Alba, in order to capture him and use him for future negotiations with the Eurasian Tsardom as they failed to capture
Kravchenko. However, the Gatekeepers of Knowledge, the organization mostly responsible for the reconstruction of the world after the Third World War, intend on taking advantage of this operation as they want Guliyeva as well. This, along with the Eurasian Tsardom�s OVR launching an operation to bring Imperial Eurasian Navy Walgear pilot Vladimir Nikolayevich Mirov to Japan to learn about Tarou Ganji and Tatev Mirzoyan�s feelings about the mission, will affect Guliyeva�s fate�"

The Princesses and the Dragon - Dust Jacket

  • A.I.V. Esguerra
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