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Tetelestai (The Debt has been Paid in Full) is a continuation of Book 3—Trail of Blood—I Fall Down a Lot.  This is a culmination of the second set of books, Books 4, 5, 6.  But it is both a commencement of a beginning since it was a continuation courtship book but it is a commencement or the ending of a chapter of her life.  The bulk of the interesting part is the Icebreaker questions that the author answered giving the reader a glimpse of her mind, sharing a bared heart and soul.  They were all impromptu, the voices had come back in August 23, 2022 and her parents brought her to the province at Karagawan, Kabugao, Apayao coming from Tuguegarao City to recuperate.
This book was a product of the 2021 episode; the books were her therapy and her outlet, a form of closure.  But in her books, she would turn her episodes into jewels, as her soul battles with the voices; she relieves her worries with words that bring life and relives memories from the past, the once tangible experiences were immortalized and preserved in all of her books.
This book is a sequel to Simbergwenza—Book 5. This book like book 3 trail of Blood—I Fall Down a Lot, a book that documented my courtship with my Fiancé Bugs is about my Beloved at Adonis Celaje Ampongan.  


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  • Valerie Blue Dam-at Claveria
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