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This is a story about 7 people with 7 different stories. As they grow up, they begin to realized that life is never easy. They did not expect the pain, sadness, grief and sorrow that they would feel which drove them to end their lives and kill their own selves. But when these seven people meet in one dream after trying to escape the reality of life, the shadow starts to chase and kill them. They learned to depend on each other and fight for themselves.
Can these dreamers really escape that dream when the shadow tries to kill them? Will they really choose to live and survive, when they actually want to disappear from the real world?
They need to find the way out before the shadow comes and kill them. They also need to decide whether they want to live or die, before the shadow hinders the dreamers? escape.

The Dreamer's Escape - Dust Jacket

  • JS Naya
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