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“If you would play at this moment, would you express the truth?”
The story illustrates the life of Serena Florence Foster and the life of the people around her; the modifiers of her persona in front of the public eye, of the spotlight, and those who have been a shot in the arm for her anew sphere. She is a young woman, who was once a craven to exhibit what she really is gripped by and fixated on, but eventually, she found a reason to leave every streak of fame, of popularity, of her past life, only to do what genuinely makes her heart thrum; it’s to teach young violinists and be of service to them, aiming to nurture and to fuel their own flair for she believes that there’s a clouded sparkle within each individual, of all ages. She encounters different people and different contexts when she began to live a life diverse from what she’s accustomed.
There are people and places that bestow Serene not only a brush of optimism, she, too, is swayed by despondency and stroke of bad luck. Also, it’s not easy for her, at first, to face a different faction, nonetheless, with the backing of Tamara Priston and Theodore Priston, she manages to muster up a hefty courage and hope to prevail over the predestined miseries and setbacks.
Meanwhile, Theodore Priston could have shown his sentiments toward her. He is into her. He  chose, however, to stow away the affection when an appalling event has come; alluded to Serene.

Odd Strings

  • Cole Caigas

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