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Girls touch their own body sometimes - the genitals,
the nipples, the anus or other parts.
Most women who have explored their body soon
discover that touching may cause sexual arousal and
pleasurable sensations. When girls spend time alone
touching themselves and often bringing themselves to
orgasm, it is called masturbation.
Women are enormously inventive, and everyone has
their own way of masturbating. While some techniques
are more common than others, every lady has virtually
unlimited scope for enjoying masturbation. You can
explore masturbation while you are growing up and
continue to do so as an adult to find out what you like.
It?s all about how, where and when, about pressure and
speed, clothing and objects. You might enjoy constant
variety, or you might find that certain techniques
become particular favourites.
This guide contains a few suggestions on how to
masturbate. Needless to say, there are many more
techniques than we could ever imagine or think of

Playing In Secret Solitude - Dust Jacket

  • W. J. Manares
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