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This book is a collection of English and Tagalog poems that were originally posted on the author's Facebook and Instagram poetry account ? Hugis ng Letra. Inspired from revisiting an old memory to writing about something that is yet to happen. From reopening an old feeling to welcoming a brand-new emotion. It is about love and the pain that comes with it. The chaos in holding on and the beauty of letting go.
Each piece is written to find a temporary home in its reader's imagination, the author's very own unsung stories, while they listen to it with their own voice. Everyone may have different personal experiences to tell, but we all have one common denominator ? the ability to feel love. With this book, the aim is not only to convey the writer's story but also to allow the readers to create or re-live their own version of the story.

Ang Hugis ng Letra: A Poetry Collection - Dust Jacket

  • She Villate
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