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He kidnapped her because he wants to avenge.
The �Venom�, he hates so much that organization. He�s from the �Phoenix Organization�, he�s the �Aliferous�, the boss. 
But every corner of his story changed when he already kidnapped the woman. Everything changed when his sight perched to the daughter of his enemy.
So he already knows, that he is in danger.
What if in the midst of his anger, there is a feeling that it�s already building from the daughter of his enemy? 
What if, if he will continue to love her? 
There�s a possibility that they will lose each other? 
�I�m the master of �Phoenix organization�, the master, and the only beast bird, but... you are the only one who tamed that wild bird, enemy...�
That is the sweetest word that came from Xygen Zyn Clifford. Is it true feelings? Or just sugar-coated words just to fell the girl  who named Chantal. And in the end, he will kill her to satisfy his self for avenging.

My Angry Bird - Dust Jacket

  • Escaperio
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