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"Salvacion Lopez a Girl who wants a complete and happy family and
acceptance. Her mother died a week ago and after that her father left her
alone. She has no friend, she always got bullied because of her physical
appearances. One night she committ suicide but someone stop her.
She tried to fulfill her dreams using her dream. She didn�t know that
her dreams slowly turning into a nightmare. And when she wokes up....
Everything changed, even her personality.
Paano kung ikaw ang mapunta sa ganoong situwasyon... Ano ang pipiliin
mo, ang mabuhay ngunit halos araw araw kang papatayin ng mapait
na realidad o ang maging masaya at tumira sa isang mundong hindi
�You need to FINISH,
what you�ve STARTED.� - Daniel Rivera"

That Dream turned into Nightmare - Dust Jacket

  • Grenshly Mae De Asis
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