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Sorry but I'm not sorry for what I did, sorry for loving you more than a friend but loving you was one of the best feeling I ever had. I'm saying sorry because you're my bestfriend, I'm sorry for feeling this way more than a friend, I'm sorry for loving you more than a friend. I'm sorry for crossing the line. I'm sorry but I love you."" -Nyx Xyne Psyche Griffin 
"I am not a villain for no reason"" -Eros Dwayne Gonzales 
Unrequited love. That is what the love Nyx had with her bestfriend Erebus without knowing that her love was reciprocated by him in silence. Erebus felt the same but he choose to push her away. He choose to hurt her to prevent him hurting her further. And there's a man named Eros. The man who have been there for her when she was so lost and brokwn. He was there for her, patiently waiting for her love. Eros, the man who gave her all his love with all his heart and soul. Will she fall for that innocent and pure love?
But what if there's something behind that innocent soul she knew? What he's not really that innocent? What if he has something dark behind his innocent facade? Will she choose to reciprocate his love? Or will his love remain unrequited? Will they have a happy ending? Or will she run away after knowing that he was exactly the villain of the love she once wanted to have?

I'm Sorry but I Love You - Dust Jacket

  • Mary Loren Caminian
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