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Unearthly sounds came crashing the skies every foredawn. The whole family feared for the impact of the unbeknownst thing. But when the morning came, they were all as silent as a mute, none dare to talk. But kept everything as just a dream. But of Jose, a mere 9-year old bread winner of the family, was out of curiosity to seek the truth. None believed him; all was just a dream. The sounds were recurring and each foredawn they were startled, fallen back asleep and everything just turned into a dream. In the midstream, the sounds came again accompanied by a blazing fire aviated over the skies. Their fear was triggered. It was the time that the elders spoke up the truth. They just remained silent about the thing so that the children won't fear. But a news report flashed from a radio brought by Teofilo from the city. It talks about the Space Station called the SKYLAB that lost its orbit. They panicked upon the news. Jose has spread the news. Knowing that his young brother was to leave into the city. He spare sometime atop the hill, waiting for the Skylab's reproach. The once they feared become a wonder. In the morning, the whole neighborhood had gathered for the news. It was about how the NASA experts solved the problem. His brother already departed to the city. He kept the news for his brother's homecoming. Years past a letter from his brother's wife that "he had passed away!"

Skylab 1979 - Dust Jacket

  • Mark Gil

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