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32-year-old Chadwick Williams lives in New York, works in a architecture firm and is part of the perfect family. Rich, classy, but down to Earth people. His life is near perfect except for one area. Love. He has met his forever person in the form of a 31-year-old, olive skinned, green eyed bridal consultant named Collins Hemsworth They have been together for close to two years but still live-in secret. Why? Because Chad cannot come out to his family. He had not seen them in years for this reason. But all of this changes on a cold wintry night. Well kind of' when his mom lets him know that it's time to come home in Ottawa. He panics and let her know that he has been seeing a rather special lady named Cherry Springs. A friend in real life and not his actual love interest. Together they leave for Ottawa. After that their days are filled with merriment, secrets, bad luck, and eventually betrayal. But through it all. Will Chadwick Williams be able to finally come out to his family? Marry the man of his dreams? Save his friendship with Cherry Springs? Read through the pages to find how his journey ends.

Keeping Up Appearances - Dust Jacket

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