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What will you do if you wake up one day, as a different person in a different world - worst, that �world� we are talking about comes from a comic you�ve already seen. 
What will you do if the people around you carried death flags? Na mismong bida din ay siya naman palang papatay sa iyo?
It was a tough life for a lady who only wanted peace for her second life. Gustong-gusto niyang lumayo sa mga panganib ngunit parang linta ang anim na taong sunod nang sunod sa kaniya. Kahit anong gawin niya, mag-tumbling man ito o maging baliw-baliwan, mukhang walang effective na paraan upang makalayo sa mga lalakeng ihuhulog siya sa kamatayan.
So in order to avoid it, Cosette promised herself that she will change the flow of the original story. How? To become a villainess� Well, that�s supposed to be the original plan. Not until she got entangled with more complicated events.

Interest of Malice - Dust Jacket

  • Vena Marie
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