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A BL story that tells about the hatred Hiro has on Shawn for taking Ivy away from him which would lead them to each other. Shawn has a secret admiration on Hiro, the most handsome and the man every girl would dream of having. Shawn thought of a better plan to draw Hiro�s attention to him, and it was through Ivy, the latest girl Hiro has been caught dating. Simple lang naman, inagaw nito si Ivy mula kay Hiro. And from then on, Hiro had this bad feeling and anger towards Shawn. Not until Shawn dared to bang into his door, entered his room and own him in one night. Something happened between the two, something Hiro wanted to be guilty and regretful about, but he�s undeniably liking it for goddamn�s sake. Hiro has totally fallen, wanting Shawn�s touch, begging for his pleasure and moaning for his name. Will they live happily?
        �I am Hiro Silvenia and he�s Shawn Verbioso. Nagbago ang ikot ng mundo nang inagaw niya sa akin ang babaeng hinaharot ko, Ivy Alcantara. But to hell do I accept defeat. However, who would think, that I�d fell on his spell, and would find myself wanting his touch, begging for his pleasure and later moans his name?�

In Love with The Same Gender - Dust Jacket

  • Avril Embate
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