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Shakirra Denisse Cheng is a known billionaire at the age of 27, running one of the world�s largest investment companies located in the Philippines, the Shakirra Denisse Cheng Investement Holdings Incorporated. She never provided time for love and just focused on achieving her goal of leading her own company. 
One day, there�s a man who will come in to her life and will definitely make her fall in love in just a split of second. Behind his sudden appearance is a bad fortune awaiting for her whole family.
They will meet an accident that would definitely change her whole life. 
She lost everything she has. Her loving parents, her only brother, her company and all of her possessions. What�s worse is that� 
She lost her sight. Yes, she got blind. 
But a complete stranger will start knocking in her dark life. Doctor Hope Andres Laurente will help her despite her hopeless situation. Little by little, she will know who were the persons behind their tragic accident. With the help of this angelic doctor, she will start her plan of revenge. She will be the brain, he will be her eyes and only hope.
Gone the nice Shakirra. What she has now is pure hatred and anger. 
Would she be able to succeed in her plan even if� she�s blind?

I See Black - Dust Jacket

  • MitsyBoo
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