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Winter Angel Holmes�s heart somersaults, and the Liberty Bell rings on her head when she sees Skylark, an NBA superstar, a hot stallion, and an accomplished flirt.
She nurses him in the hospital, and her inner siren never drifts gracefully until their gazes crash-land on each other. However, she ignores her fondness for him since a gay man owns the bronco�s heart.
But heavens know how to play games and conspire with destinies. Winter meets him at the bookstore and goes out for a snack with him. She comforts him when her man�s lover cheats on him with his best friend. She brings him to classical shows, dines with him, and beds him on one flirtatious night.
Her feelings towards him burn with passion until Skylark befriends, courts, and dates her. One day, Skylark takes him on a date again, and with a diamond ring in his hand, he kneels and asks for her hand.
But Winter�s great rival, Hawke, vows to make her life a living hell.
Will true love turn their worlds upside down, or will it demystify the wrath of a broken heart by living an everlasting love?
Spice up your sex life with different sex positions: Tornado, Lockdown, Clapper, Shuttle, Deck Chair, and the rest of the 15 Hokage moves. Let your man scream your name.
No hold-barred sex.

How To Satisfy Your Man And Make Him Crave For More Rounds - Dust Jacket

  • Rolly Ongco Pasilan
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