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"Corporate worker-bee Kez has finally achieved her lifelong dream of living in Europe, having put behind her at last a myriad of family problems: a narcissistic mother; a chronically ill father; a schizophrenic brother and the dark, intrusive memories of a kitten-murdering grandmother. But life has no intention of letting her sit back and take a breath � oh, no � because, once again, her family needs her.
She flies six thousand miles back to Brazil with her manager, Max, who witnessed Kez having a panic attack upon hearing the news that her father was dying. As the vigil in the hospital stretches into the night, she tells Max her family stories leading up to the day her mother destroyed their relationship.
During the deathwatch, Kez tells Max about her humble family origins in Pernambuco and her last assignment working abroad as a Tourist Consultant in the hot sands of Dubai. She exposes in great detail the intricate balance of power between her nosy-but-well-meaning relatives, her narcissistic mother, her sick father, her schizophrenic brother and how in the end she is forced to choose between her dreams of a future in Europe or the nightmare of her mother�s endless online scams.
From the cotton plantations in Pernambuco and the terra roxa farms at the edge of the Paranapanema river, to the corporate offices of Sao Paulo and Frankfurt, with a brief stopover on the South Bank of London, KINTSUGI explores Kez�s rich family history up until the moment her family implodes."

Kintsugi - Dust Jacket

  • Kezia Kos
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