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Poetry transcends various emotions overflowing from a poet's heart. It is a reflection of the spontaneous bleeding of words recollecting bliss and melancholia hidden in each manifold of experiences. These emotions unfold as the poet advance to the different phases, cycles and circumstances that life throws upon. From waking up in the morning and basking in the sun to staying up all night fighting the monsters inside the mind, listening endlessly to the rain; from believing in the magic of love to neglecting its romance; from dreaming and believing to failing and dying and back again. These leaves of poetry are examples of how the poet grow, shed and let go from the tree of life and love that holds and shelters her all these years. As time fleets by and the wind of fate reels into the night, the leaves start to drift and wander into the unknown until they slowly but painfully fall into the empty ground, dead.

Fallen Leaves - Dust Jacket

  • Melissa O. Macadat
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