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You have been longing for a love that was denied of you in childhood, like so many studies and psychological discussion on a person unable to nurture or sustain an adult relationship due to the absence of their father in their  own lives growing up ? is what had been your story.  What has been our struggle in the making of our family, now?lamentably deprived of you, as you were unable to see that  the father you are seeking to have, God is making you to be. You were claimed by covid19, but not surprisingly were you taken by it, since months before the virus ever infected you, you have given your self to sin?going back to the old ways of life leading you nowhere but in despair and many self-doubts. When you could have stayed your gaze on the purposes of God in building your family which alongside builds you.   You are not trained to process your pain or conquer your fears and issues, instead you were used to hide and evade them, tuck them away far from your presence as you act to fulfil your medical profession which you deem should be sufficient, but it did not let you become self-sufficient at all, not this pandemic time, it led you even to your own destruction.  For the real hunger for love within you wont let you settle, for love set out a rule that it is not argued?but fulfil like a duty to one?s heart. Love harmoniously builds up and not tear down, it gives and lost count and empties itself only to find being full all the time. You have once known this love and yet you were persuaded lacking of it by people whom you blame for making you subject to their wants. I pity that they gamble your very own life and were all now proven wrong at the expense of your own life.  Perhaps you are not a hero of covid being a frontliner, but of love as you know it.

Defining Times - Dust Jacket

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