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This book is meant for the work-at-home mompreneur who is juggling her marriage, household chores, childcare, AND a remote team or agency. She is frazzled at times, sometimes discouraged, but knows it in her heart there's nowhere else she'd rather be. In this book, I am revealing my most honest confessions about my own journey of going independent, and lessons on faith and hope as a mom and entrepreneur. I talk about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, alongside marriage and motherhood. The reader will also be able to find tips and insights on running an efficient remote team for an online business. Learn why SIZE does matter in business and in life How to deal with MOMPRENEUR-Overwhelm The 3 People You Need in Your Life Why Outsourcing IS Key The Dream of a 6-Figure Income Why there is NEVER a Guarantee Lean Season vs Abundant Season in business How to Have Faith When Crisis Hits Pregnancy While Running a Business What It Means to Know that I�m a MOM First I also shared some of my best posts from my blog: It contains some of the life lessons I encountered alongside present experiences as a millennial mom of two. It is my highest hope that my reader will be able to connect with my experiences, and feel a sense of affirmation that, despite all her doubts and troubles, she is doing well. And she�ll be fine.

Confessions of an Agency-Running-Work-At-Home-Mom

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  • Romela Iane De Leon - Ortega
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