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After graduating from law school, former beauty queen Patrice Manuel had made up her mind that she will disassociate herself for a while from everyone just to keep her eye on the prize?that is gaining the title Attorney before her name. Belonging to a family of lawyers, she would not want to become a disappointment. Aside from the fact that it?s her dream,
her mother would push her harder just to feel victorious over her Aunt Felisa (her mom?s sister). Felisa?s children are already successful lawyers and her mom is threatened about it, especially that her Aunt Felisa would always brag about her children?s achievements. However, during their postgraduation party, Patrice?s resolution is immediately put to test. During the said event, her ex-boyfriend-- Gino announced his engagement to Cindy--also their classmate. Afterwards, there was a challenge or a game designed for the whole batch. To get even with her ex-boyfriend and classmate who
are fond of insulting her, she agreed to do the challenge which is to kiss a stranger and take him on a date for their midnight campfire. Eventually, she met this handsome and intelligent-looking guy after she pretended having a severe stomachache. She didn?t expect that a tempting night with that hot stranger would turn her world upside down. After that night, she did everything to avoid that guy and focus back on her studies as the Bar Review period begun. However, their paths met again and they seemed to be drawn at each other.

A Sweet Detour - Dust Jacket

  • Ara Larosa
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