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By A Lovelorn is a collection of poetry and prose that talks about the ups and downs of love. It was written by the author during the cruel times she experienced when loving someone and most of the pieces in the book are about a love that was given but never returned. The book has 200 pieces subdivided inside four chapters named as follows: "a confession", "an unknown hunger", "an endless longing" and "a promise". The pieces are grouped according to what they talk about and are categorized within the said four chapters. Most of the pieces included in the book are proses written by the author five or six years ago when she first met the boy she talked about in every piece inside the book. Every line written by the author were based on a true and tragic love story that she experienced years ago. According to the author, she was in the most vulnerable state she ever did while writing the entire collection. By A Lovelorn is a real rollercoaster of emotions, filled with vulnerable and raw pieces that will touch all the readers' hearts and let them know that unrequited love is real and how painful it is to experience that kind of love at times like this. It will also deepen the belief of people that even if it was painful, there is always a way out as long as you will not give up in finding the road towards a new beginning.

By a lovelorn - Dust Jacket

  • Megan Denelle Lao

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