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"Anderson ""Andy"" Dela Vega and Arwin Kael ""Ark"" Dela Vega caught every girls' heart with their wits, sweet & innocent looks, and talent for sketching. They look like someone who will treasure and love you. But these ungrateful little devils actually play, dump, and tear people like a used paper to stimulate excitement. Well, they are the trickster twins of the class Cassioppea, after all. Humans who are blind to the value of everything and every human. Ppela, the deity of papers loathes these kind of people. er expressions, as blank as a paper. 
Her moods, can be re-written. Like a paper with erasable writings. 
Every piece of tearable goods came from her. Disregarded. But  you will desperately need a paper which she holds as power. The papermaker. The scratch queen. Never waste  tearable goods. If you dare, The goddess of papers will  tear you back. With the ""gift"" of a divine drawing book, Andy and Ark embarks on a more exciting life of more tricks,  manipulation, and entertainment.  Is all the fun worth someone's pain and lose of essence? What if they'll be the ones who will be tore, wasted, and disregarded? Join us in this journey of finding the value of blankness. I, the highest bookstore deity, welcome you to the second book of the Bookstore Deities Series."

BLANK - Dust Jacket

  • Hanari Lee

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