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It is New Year’s Eve. Everybody in Kaloy’s household is very busy. His father is
repairing the bulbs of the decorative, yuletide lights. His mother is cooking
dishes for the Media Noche dinner. Grandmother is minding his little baby
brother, Kai. The neighborhood is on the hype and seven-year-old Kaloy is
ecstatic about what exciting things shall happen on the occasion. But what
will be his role?
‘I cannot wait to read her books. She writes with such joy, heart, and creativity.’
- Giulietta M. Spudich, Author of ‘Ice Giant’ and ‘Element Girls’ among
‘She writes beautiful stories that are sure to appeal to all children alike. A gem of a
- Paul R Stanton, Author of the children’s books ‘Smileymoos’ and the book
series ‘A Festive Juxtaposition’
‘A great collection of children’s stories!’
- Millie Thom, Author of the book series ‘Sons of Kings’

A New Year's Eve

  • Zea Perez
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